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Arabsat launches multi continental managed satellite services on neXat platform

Arabsat launches multi continental managed satellite services on neXat platform

On the final day of CABSAT 2024 Arabsat signed a deal with services and technology provider neXat, which will enable them to manage various hubs in a single application for its new multicontinental managed services offering.


Arabsat will take advantage of the managed services offered through neXat’s virtualised platform as a service (PaaS) and Operations Support System-Business Support System (OSS-BSS). This will help Arabsat to deliver managed services across to various verticals including governmental, enterprise and consumer, in every geographical market where it has coverage, and will function as the primary orchestration tool for running all the company’s operations.


neXat’s Chief Commercial Officer, Michel Dothey said: “We’re committed to helping Arabsat make the transition to an agile managed services provider for its business and customers. At neXat, we have a keen understanding of the global markets, and a detailed understanding of the business operations of a satellite service provider, making us a key partner to a growing number of satellite and teleport operators.


“We’re providing the tools to help make operations more efficient and flexible, enabling operators to drastically reduce their costs as they expand their operations and avoid the manual bottlenecks which can be easily automated with our platform. In addition to offering a low CAPEX option the neXat platform offers secure white-label access for its teams and customers at different levels of the value chain based on hierarchical roles”, Mr. Dothey continued.


Arabsat’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Wael AlButi commented, “Arabsat is committed to providing seamless, global managed services to our vast and loyal customer base. As the region’s leading provider, we are committed to partnering with trusted and innovative satellite services companies that can improve not only our operations but also our offerings to our customers.”


neXat will deliver a customised version of its OSS-BSS suite to be tailored to Arabsat’s needs. The partnership will continuously adapt to the satellite industry’s changing environment to provide Arabsat with future integration with new virtualised hub solutions arriving on the market with MEF or TM Forum open standards API.


“We’re excited to see this partnership with Arabsat flourish and evolve”, neXat’s CEO Thierry Eltges said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to add another key satellite operator to our platform, a partnership that will help consolidate neXat’s position in the market as a leading provider of OSS/BSS and orchestration tools for the satellite ecosystem.”



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