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Arabsat partners with Microsoft to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation

Arabsat partners with Microsoft to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation

Arabsat has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Microsoft Arabia, to accelerate digital transformation and the development of its services. The announcement was made during the Euroconsult World Satellite Business Week conference, which was recently held in Paris. Inked by Eng. Alhamedi Alanezi, President and CEO of Arabsat, and Turki Badhris, Head of the Public Sector and Acting General Manager at Microsoft Arabia, the partnership will pave the way for a series of technological projects, supporting Arabsat’s goal to become the leading satellite operator, while enhancing its connection with the whole world to provide services that suit Arab values and culture.

The two organizations will work together to accelerate Arabsat’s digital transformation by adopting cloud computing technology to improve performance efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs to achieve sustainable growth.

Both parties will also focus their efforts on utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies to develop Arabsat’s digital infrastructure and improving the digital capabilities of Arabsat employees to benefit from modern technical solutions. The partnership also aims to focus on developing value-added and quality services for the Arab market, which includes 21 Arabsat member states.

These services combine Arabsat's expertise in space and Microsoft's technological capabilities to develop infrastructure, adopt the best internationally approved cybersecurity solutions, and build digital capabilities to enable countries to make the most of what both companies have to offer.

In addition, the MoU is set to establish an innovation laboratory to develop new products in the satellite communications sector as well as environmentally sustainable solutions that rely on cloud and satellite technologies to collect and analyze important environmental data. This will provide Arabsat with new tools for exploring climate change, weather forecasting, and environmental monitoring.

Commenting on the partnership, Eng. Alanezi said: “We are pleased to announce this strategic alliance with Microsoft, a testament to our commitment of maintaining Arabsat’s leading position in the digital services and satellite sector. The agreement aims to accelerate our efforts in adopting secure cloud services and modern technological innovations, and to provide high-quality services in accordance with international standards. These efforts also aim to facilitate digital transformation in the satellite communications sector and empower our future generations.”

For his part, Badhris said “We recognize that technology is key in driving innovation, and we are committed to empowering organizations with our industry-specific solutions to future proof their businesses and accelerate their growth and success. By leveraging Microsoft cloud solutions, Arabsat will improve productivity and efficiency while driving the scalability of their operations. We are happy to support Arabsat in their digital transformation journey and on their mission to become a global leader in the satellite services industry. “


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