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Arabsat unveils new identity, declares phase focused on fortifying the future

Arabsat unveils new identity, declares phase focused on fortifying the future

Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) has recently unveiled its new brand identity, showcasing the organization's strategic direction and ambitious vision to position Arabsat as a guiding light for shaping the future, amplifying communication values, and fostering unity among nations. The unveiling took place during an event at Arabsat's Riyadh headquarters, attended by domain specialists, prominent figures from the arts and media, as well as delegates from media outlets, satellite networks, and both Arab and global radio stations.

Arabsat has embarked on a new trajectory, aimed at optimizing its role in driving transformation and positioning itself as the premier platform in the global satellite communication arena, exploring a world of boundless potential.

The introduction of the new identity also coincides with Arabsat's ongoing contributions to the space communications domain. The organization recently launched Badr 8, the Middle East's first seventh-generation satellite. This major new addition to Arabsat's suite of satellites delivers a diverse range of television broadcasting and communication services regions across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia using cutting-edge optical technologies.

Eng. Alhamedi Alanezi, President & CEO of Arabsat, expressed his enthusiasm for the new identity at the unveiling event. It symbolizes a new chapter of Arabsat's evolution, one where the organization is resolutely focused on future satellite developments. With enthusiasm and curiosity as its driving forces, the organization aims to cultivate change in the Arab space domain and foster global connections.

Arabsat unveils new identity, declares phase focused on fortifying the future

Alanezi affirmed, "We are unwavering in our commitment to upholding the standards of reliability and adaptability in our services and coverage, achieved through a comprehensive integration of space and ground services. Furthermore, we play a pivotal role in propelling development and fostering a culture of innovation within the industry. He continued, "We embrace a creative mindset that fuels innovation, nurtures growth, and enables us to fully leverage our resources, talent, and advanced technologies to seize opportunities and uplift future generations.”

Reflecting on Arabsat's inception in 1976 by 21 member states of the Arab League, Alanezi highlighted the organization's transformation into a trailblazer in the satellite broadcasting sector, positioning itself among the earliest satellite service entities globally. Undoubtedly, Arabsat boasts the title of being the largest and most experienced operator in the Arab region.

Alanezi also shed light on Arabsat's future-oriented approach, which places individuals at its core and paves the way to a realm of infinite opportunities. He emphasized that Arabsat serves as the driving force for communication, consistently prioritizing flexibility and exceptional coverage. Leveraging its extensive global infrastructure, Arabsat maintains its ambitious stance, propelling progress relentlessly. The organization's ongoing achievements and operations are steered by cutting-edge technologies and expertise.

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