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Ariane 6 revealed on its launch pad in preparation for hot-firing tests

As part of the combined tests campaign, the Ariane 6 mobile gantry was retracted on June 22, unveiling the launch vehicle on its launch pad. During a rehearsal representative of a real launch sequence, the removal of the mobile gantry marks the completion of the functional tests performed so far and precedes ignition of the core stage Vulcain 2.1 engine on the launch pad. The rehearsal serves to run through the engine ignition test, to minimize the risk of any problems during the final sequence.

For several months, teams from ArianeGroup, CNES and ESA have been working together to conduct combined tests at the Spaceport in Kourou to verify and qualify the interfaces between the launcher and its launch pad. Following the launch sequence chronology, various rehearsals are carried out to qualify, step by step, the different functions and operations leading up to lift-off. Before the mobile gantry was removed, the teams carried out functional and avionics systems tests known as “dry runs”, during which all the launch vehicle’s avionics chains were armed to achieve a stable, repeatable configuration leading to the final synchronized sequence and handover to the flight program for Vulcain 2.1 engine ignition.


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