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ArrowSpot signs multi-million-dollar deal with Astrocast enabling global asset tracking

Astrocast, a leading global nanosatellite IoT network operator, announces that ArrowSpot has signed a multi-million-dollar contract to start mass production of ArrowSpot’s ArrowTrack SAT device. The contract between Astrocast and ArrowSpot includes hardware integration and Satellite IoT (SatIoT) connectivity for an initial three-year period.

For context, ArrowSpot’s technology solutions provide the worldwide supply chain logistics industry with online information for safe & secure sensitive chilled cargo and high value cargo. Clients working with ArrowSpot include ZIM Shipping Line and Oceanex Inc. intermodal transportation services.

A resilient supply chain requires 24/7 monitoring but connectivity via terrestrial networks covers only 15% of the planet. For many years, ArrowSpot looked for an effective IoT solution to improve tracking and monitoring of moving assets across the globe. ArrowSpot and Astrocast joined forces earlier in the year to solve the problem of tracking assets across the remaining 85% of the world through using SatIoT.

This contract is the culmination of that partnership. When mass produced, ArrowSpot’s advanced hybrid communication tracking solution – ArrowTrack SAT – will combine cellular and satellite communication network access. By integrating Astrocast’s technology into ArrowTrack SAT and connecting to Astrocast’s nanosatellite network, ArrowSpot’s customers will achieve full visibility of their supply chains and fleets – providing them with effective global management of their assets at an affordable price.

For instance, if cargo appears to be in the wrong location or if a reefer loses power, then this problem can be identified and dealt with rapidly, helping to reduce any potential harmful impact on cargo.

Ran Grinshtain, ArrowSpot co-founder and CEO, says, “Within 12 months our joint teams developed a prototype and a reliable, scalable production device. This device has been tested and proven, and is now ready for mass production. We’re excited about this next phase of working together as it means that we can offer our clients - and the market - with truly global 24/7 asset tracking.

“This capability is increasingly important within cold chain scenarios – and we are seeing a lot of demand for this kind of supply chain visibility worldwide. This contract is only the beginning with Astrocast too. Based on the demand that we are experiencing and forecasting, we expect additional purchase orders down the line, as we expect end-users' traction in this space to continue to increase. Therefore, we’re starting to explore other use cases for asset tracking that we can tackle together too.”

Fabien Jordan, CEO and Co-Founder, Astrocast adds, “Our SatIoT technology and connectivity provides organisations with optimised data protocols, bidirectional communication options, and low energy consumption – all factors that are crucial to consider when developing and safeguarding an IoT business case. By working closely with ArrowSpot, our teams have developed a solution that has the capability to enable freight forwarders and cargo owners to track assets within containers around the world. We’re delighted to be working together and thank ArrowSpot for selecting us as its SatIoT partner. Our joint innovation will enhance supply chain visibility and transparency globally.”


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