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AsteRx-U3: Ruggedized GNSS receiver for demanding applications

Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS* positioning solutions, announces today the launch of AsteRx-U3, which is the successor of the popular AsteRx-U multi-frequency GNSS receiver for construction, mining and other machine control applications.

High-accuracy positioning receiver offers versatile connectivity and access to all the latest GNSS satellites and signals

This new product combines Septentrio’s latest triple-band precise positioning GNSS core with extended wireless communication features including Wi-Fi, UHF and 4G LTE. The versatile connectivity features of this receiver make it easy to fit it into any control system and enable simple and cost-effective overall design.

“We are excited to introduce AsteRx-U3 to the market of industrial automation. Its advanced connectivity package offers manufacturers and integrators access to reliable high-accuracy positioning in a system which is versatile, easy to use and integrate,“ said Silviu Taujan, Product Manager at Septentrio.

This receiver offers a unique feature, a guaranteed low latency of under 10 msec and a high data rate, which allows machines to work with rapid as well as accurate movements. An IP68-rated housing of AsteRx-U3 with fixing brackets and robust M12 connectors ensures a quick and reliable installation. For more information about AsteRx-U3 or other Septentrio products please contact the Septentrio team.


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