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Astroscale Introduces Generation 2 Docking Plate

Astroscale has announced the release of its highly anticipated Generation 2 Docking Plate.

Establishing industry standards for end-of-life and other servicing preparation, Astroscale's Generation 2 Docking Plate sets a new benchmark for on-orbit servicing and promises to usher in a new era of responsible, sustainable and smart satellite operations in space, aligning with international best practices and guidelines.

Orbital debris poses a significant threat to the space environment and active satellites. The Generation 2 Docking Plate addresses this issue by incorporating advanced technology that enables satellite operators worldwide to be proactive in managing the end-of-life phase of their satellites. By integrating the inexpensive and lightweight Docking Plate into satellite designs, operators can ensure that their satellites are equipped for potential servicing or removal, simplifying the process and minimising costs associated with future operations.

Astroscale's Generation 2 Docking Plate presents a range of benefits and features to constellation operators and bus manufacturers, with its high-performance, future-proof yet simple design to ease integration with various vehicles manufactured globally. The Docking Plate is highly compatible with multiple docking techniques, ensuring flexibility and servicer agnosticism. Advanced fiducial markers also enable accurate optical determination for enhanced accuracy and safety during servicing missions. User guidelines for the Docking Plate are now available under NDA.

The technology has gained flight heritage and has been validated through successful missions and rigorous testing, providing a low-risk solution. Astroscale's established supply chain ensures prompt customer response, and the Docking Plate is designed for long-life durability, supporting over 15 years of flight lifetime.

“Preparing satellites with Docking Plates is a relatively small yet significant step operators can take to improve the sustainability and the flexibility of their space operations,” said Mike Lindsay, Astroscale Chief Technology Officer. “Our Generation 2 Docking Plate is lightweight, unobtrusive, and provides a much-needed starting point for a variety of servicing options and a more responsible use of Earth’s orbital resources. It illustrates the notion that a simple and elegant design is also the most useful."


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