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ATLAS Space Operations provides ground support for VICTUS NOX mission

ATLAS Space Operations was contracted by Millennium Space Systems, a Boeing Company, to support Space Systems Command’s VICTUS NOX program, demonstrated its rapid onboarding ability across a global network during the record-setting US Space Force Tactically Responsive Space mission.

ATLAS provided its global ground station network using its proprietary Freedom™ Software Platform to automate communications and enable near-real-time troubleshooting capabilities. VICTUS NOX required mission partners to maintain constant mission readiness to support launch and first contact followed by accelerated spacecraft commissioning within a condensed time frame.

“At ATLAS, we pride ourselves on our highly reliable network and adaptable software, and we demonstrated that with VICTUS NOX,” said ATLAS Space Operations Chief Executive Officer, John Williams. “Without any compromises to support our existing government, civil, and commercial customers, we were able to fully support this record-breaking Space Force mission. ATLAS demonstrated how it works with our mission partners to deploy and operate communications solutions more quickly than ever before.”

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