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Atos selected by Eutelsat to provide next-generation satellite payload monitoring solution

Atos has been selected by Eutelsat, one of the world's leading satellite operators, to deliver an innovative satellite payload monitoring solution, as part of a 5-year contract. Thanks to advanced satellite carrier management features, Atos’ next-generation SkyMon solution will help Eutelsat meet the growing challenges of a new space era which include new satellite communications technologies, the need to integrate 5G and the potential increase of signal interferences caused by the growing number of satellite mega constellations.

“As the world of space expands and satellite fleets continue to grow, our primary goal is to have access to the latest technology for the management of our satellites. To achieve this, we work hand in hand with the Atos teams who bring us their know-how in state-of-the-art payload monitoring. Together, we develop future-proof solutions to ensure the highest level of quality to our end users.” says Natale Lettieri, Chief Service Operations Officer at Eutelsat.

The new system will enable Eutelsat to continually monitor the radio-frequency payloads on all its commercial satellites and to identify and localize satellite interferences in one single and intuitive solution, to take counteractive measures immediately.

The solution consists of a cloud-based state-of-the-art microservice architecture on top of a high-performance generic core, allowing flexible adaptation on changing requirements with minimal risks. By incorporating artificial intelligence, big data and cloud features, Atos makes the system more intelligent, with automated monitoring features. Seamlessly interacting with customer business applications, SkyMon can process data no matter where they are stored and enables to visualize and analyze metrics through a smart dashboard.

By using Atos’ next generation SkyMon solution, Eutelsat will be able to offer enhanced quality of service to its customers and to optimize its internal processes, thereby reducing its operational costs.

“We are proud that Eutelsat has renewed its confidence in Atos’ solutions and counts on us for the development of ever more efficient payload monitoring systems. Our new payload monitoring solution combines Atos’ expertise in payload monitoring, in artificial intelligence, cloud and big data. It’s a major part of Atos’ platform and virtualization strategy and we believe it will set standards in the Industry.” says Bruno Milard, VP, Head of Business Unit Aerospace & Defense Electronics at Atos.

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