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Avanti Communications awarded Great Place To Work certification

Avanti Communications (“Avanti”) has been certified as a ‘Great Place To Work’ following positive feedback from its employees.

The Great Place To Work certification recognises companies that foster a positive and nurturing environment.

This prestigious award is based entirely on employees' current experience working at the satellite company, with a huge 94% agreeing that Avanti was worthy of receiving the Great Place To Work certification.

As part of the accreditation, impartial employee feedback is captured by the Great Place To Work team using its Trust Index™ survey, a rigorous assessment process that helps companies recognise what they are doing right and helps them to continually improve.

Employees were asked a total of 60 questions in the survey to gauge their sense of credibility, respect, pride, camaraderie, and fairness in the workplace.

Avanti Communications was rated highest for its justice (95%) leadership behaviour (91%), communication (91%), competence (90%), credibility (90%) and team (90%).

Avanti will hold the accreditation until July 2024.

Kyle Whitehill, CEO at Avanti Communications, said: “We are incredibly proud to have been certified by our valued employees as a Great Place To Work. Getting feedback from our co-workers is essential to ensure we create a workplace culture that enables people to ‘Be More’.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their ambitions and we are determined to create opportunities to support this, both through our technology and as a responsibility as an employer. We look forward to using the results of this in-depth survey to continue to make Avanti a place to work we can be proud of.”

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