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Avanti Communications delivers high throughput satellite steerable beams to Government end users

Avanti Communications, the leading provider of high throughput satellite capacity across EMEA, has announced a new deal with a major industry partner to deliver an Avanti satellite steerable beam for Government end users.

Avanti’s steerable beams have been widely used in the past for discrete Government operations, capitalising on their ability to be repositioned quickly and provide very high data rates in support of very small antennas. This agreement is a long-term lease that provides hundreds of MHz of capacity and allows the Government’s critical users to directly steer, point and operate Avanti’s beam anywhere from Brazil to Vietnam.

The lease recognises the quality of Avanti’s satellite’s performance, with the ability to provide hundreds of Mbps of capacity to small antennas, as well as the agility, flexibility and security that direct, obfuscated beam steering provides.

Kyle Whitehill, CEO of Avanti, commented on the deal: “We’re delighted and proud to be able to work with and support our partner as they serve their most demanding Government customers. We hope the capacity we can provide, with the flexibility of delivering it whenever and wherever it is required, will prove to be a decisive, winning capability.


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