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AvL Technologies announces CEO retirement and new Board of Directors Chairman

AvL Technologies announces CEO retirement and new Board of Directors Chairman

AvL Technologies (AvL) owner and founder Jim Oliver has announced the retirement of Guy Clerici, AvL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the appointment of Shannon Smith to Chairman of the Board. Mr. Oliver semi-retired in 2022 and appointed Guy Clerici as CEO. Mr. Clerici served as interim CEO during this transitional period and while a new Chairman of the Board was selected.

In 2023 David Bowne was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr. Bowne continues in this role, assuming all operational responsibilities, and now reports directly to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors provides guidance and oversight to the company, which operates as an S-Corp. Mr. Oliver chose this system of governance for longevity and sustainability of the company. Shannon Smith is Mr. Oliver’s nephew and joins the Board along with members of the Oliver family and satellite industry leaders. Mr. Smith was selected by Mr. Oliver to lead the board due to his experience serving on the boards of family-owned companies and his background as an Investor and Entrepreneur.

“I’m honored to serve as Board Chairman for AvL Technologies and ensure AvL continues my uncle’s core values of providing industry and government with extraordinary service, great products and continuous improvements, while maintaining an excellent work environment for employees,” said Shannon Smith. “I look forward to working closely with David Bowne and the AvL senior leadership team. David’s leadership and operational expertise will ensure AvL continues to lead the industry with the rugged and reliable SATCOM products our customers expect.”

The transition, which occurred over the past two years, included the retirement of several senior leadership team members who remain engaged and consult. To ensure continuity in the organization many key vacancies were filled from within with the promotion of numerous talented individuals. This “next generation” of leaders have a wealth of experience and are well-prepared to serve customers and meet future challenges.

“I have often said my goals for AvL are to create great products and provide good jobs. Founding AvL and spending the past 30 years in this effort has been life-fulfilling,” said Jim Oliver.


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