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AvL Technologies announces new COTM terminal, new XY antennas and Intelsat terminal qualifications

AvL Technologies announces a new Communications-on-the-- Move (COTM) terminal, new X-Y antennas, and terminal qualifications with Intelsat. These exciting new products will be showcased in the AvL Technologies booth this week at SATELLITE 2022.

COTM Terminal

AvL has developed a unique, multi-band COTM terminal for land and sea applications. Designed for today’s evolving battlespace and emergency response environments, the terminal is band reconfigurable to support multi-orbit GEO and MEO applications. This new product features an operator friendly interface and a simple band reconfiguration capability. Customers will also appreciate the life cycle costs and ease of maintenance.

The AvL COTM terminal operates with high efficiency for greater throughput over an entire range of networks, enabling a lower cost per bit to operate. It was developed with best-in-class performance, reliability and ruggedness, and high precision mechanical steering for fast acquisition and reacquisition tracking. Key features include pre-commissioned plug and play technology, modem agnostic, OpenAMIP, open and closed loop tracking, user friendly graphical interfaces, multiple non-pen rooftop mounts, and easy maintenance with its modular design and field replaceable components.

1.3m and 2.4m X-Y Antennas

AvL has designed new X-Y antennas for operation in GEO and MEO orbits. The 1.3m and 2.4m antennas operate in pairs and support make-before-break uninterrupted links, and the antennas feature rapid retrace ability to operate independently for many applications. The antennas operate with full hemispheric coverage and eliminate the overhead pass keyhole with the X-Y positioner, enable high gain with AvL’s uniquely shaped optics, and maintain accurate and reliable beam pointing with AvL’s AAQ antenna control system.

The antennas are transportable and pack into cases, with the 1.3m antenna packable in three airline checkable cases and the 2.4m antenna packable in four MIL-STD-1472G two-man lift/carry cases. The antennas can be assembled and acquire a satellite signal within 15 minutes, and both operate in X-, Ku- and Ka-bands with optional customized frequency bands.

Intelsat Qualified Terminals

Three AvL terminals are now certified for operation on the Intelsat GEO network. The AvL terminals are the 0714 75cm 25W BUC, 0914 98cm 25W BUC, and 1314 1.35m 25W BUC terminal.

“2021 was an incredibly busy year for AvL Technologies with the development of the COTM terminal, the new XY antennas and Intelsat terminal qualifications among other efforts,” said Mike Proffitt, President of AvL Technologies. “We’re excited to debut our new products and Intelsat qualified terminals at SATELLITE 2022.”


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