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AXESS Networks and POULSAT partner to ensure digital inclusivity in schools in Niger

AXESS Networks, a global leader of satellite communications solutions, and POULSAT, a global information and communications technology company with a strong presence in Africa, are proud to announce the successful progress in rolling out targeted solutions to reduce the digital divide in rural schools in Niger.

A multinational development bank that provides a wide array of funds and technical assistance to the governments of developing countries has assigned POULSAT/AXESS with providing broadband internet access for educational purposes in Niger. Started in November 2022, this assignment is part of a nationwide Niger educational project that aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning conditions in selected regions, and strengthen education planning and management. The project focuses on vulnerable and ‘fragile’ areas of the country and scale up distance learning programs in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

The pandemic has unleashed an acceleration of broadband connectivity. The worldwide need for stable and strong connectivity also urged in the educational sector to enable learning and teaching with minimal interruptions. Satellite technology ensures equal opportunities for every learner – regardless of the geographic location.

POULSAT and AXESS have been in an active partnership for more than 10 years, collaborating on many projects. They developed the POULSAT Connected Box, a competitive and reliable technical solution for the business requirements of their customer, ensuring service flexibility, strong connectivity, and quick deployment, independent of terrestrial connectivity and power infrastructure. The solutions and services are customized to the high demand that stems from rural regions in Sahel.

Ildevert Digbeu, CEO of POULSAT states: “Providing satellite connectivity in Niger uplifts the communities and mitigates the impacts of pandemics like COVID-19. Education is a human right, not a privilege and we are delighted to support these important educational projects.” Digbeu sees the strategic partnership with AXESS as a win-win situation. “AXESS was quick to understand that making connectivity not only accessible but also affordable is a game-changer for learning, particularly in remote areas and areas with lower availability of teachers" he concludes.

“We are proud that POULSAT and AXESS have been selected to assist one of the biggest global financial institutions in achieving its goal to help countries maximize the impact of education on economic growth and poverty reduction,” states Ralf Schmitz, CCO at AXESS EMEA. “Digitization of rural schools and providing telemedicine and education services via satellite in remote areas are one of our core focusses in Africa. After the successful implementation of similar projects in Latin America, we are now happy to see the first project of that kind for AXESS also in Africa.”


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