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Axess Networks provides cellular phone coverage via satellite for WOM in Colombia

Last February, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC) assigned nine permits to use the electromagnetic spectrum blocks at the 700 MHz and 2,500 MHz bands to expand the coverage of 4G mobile telephony and internet in 3,658 locations in rural areas of the country between 2020 and 2025, within which WOM (Novator Partners) obtained one block at the 700 MHz band and two blocks at the 2,500 MHz band.

WOM belongs to the international investment fund Novator Partners LLP with presences in Iceland, Poland and Chile. It is a new mobile phone operator that has come to revolutionize the Colombian market. With this assignment, in addition to building its national coverage network, it will connect 674 rural areas of the country between 2020 and 2021. Within this deployment, WOM together with AXESS Networks (AXESS), its technological partner chosen for satellite implementation, will build 125 sites with the required route in the cellular backhaul category.

AXESS settled a multidisciplinary team for this initiative in order to guarantee rapid deployment within the agreed schedule. This project will positively impact the most remote regions of Colombia that are still outside the national connectivity map. More than 317,000 families will benefit from connectivity to the internet and mobile phone network for the first time.

Jaime Monroy, WOM's Director of Transmission highlighted the importance of connectivity as an enabler of growth and competitiveness. “The country needs an operator that drives change and improves access to connectivity in all regions of Colombia. WOM is precisely that company that seeks to innovate and revolutionize the telecommunications market so that fifty million people can enjoy the service they deserve. We are working to bring quality services to the disconnected areas of Colombia and contribute to development in order to generate more and better opportunities for all inhabitants throughout the national territory”, concludes Monroy.

AXESS Networks has extensive experience in cellular backhaul solutions for operators in the region, a message reaffirmed by Miguel E. Rodríguez, President of AXESS Americas: “Being part of this project is another sample that AXESS is focused on supporting new players of the telecommunications sector, in order to dynamize the markets giving greater reach and inclusion through satellite connectivity across Latin America”.

Expanding 4G mobile telephony and internet coverage in the country, hand in hand with satellite technology, is the fastest and most cost-efficient way, for which AXESS has adequate solutions for rapid deployment that facilitate growth for cellular telecommunications operators and network expansion, simplifying operations and improving the end-user experience.

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