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Axiom Space introduces new program for customized, sustainable access to low-Earth orbit

Axiom Space, a leader in human spaceflight and architect of the world’s first commercial space station, is launching the Axiom Space Access Program, designed to enable countries to realize long-term economic and scientific value in microgravity today, without the need to build or expand their own infrastructure such as on-orbit facilities, launch vehicles, medical or training programs, and support capabilities.

Under this new program, Axiom Space will offer participating countries a range of services including the unique ability to live and work in microgravity, which will provide unprecedented opportunity to unlock the benefits of on-orbit research and development for nations around the world. In addition to this access, the program includes customized astronaut training programs, expert advisory teams, priority for future missions onboard Axiom Station, and other services to advance a nation’s space objectives.

The Axiom Space Access Program was inspired by Axiom Space’s partnership with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) through a MOU signed September 21, 2022, to explore opportunities for sustained access to space and build on Canada’s legacy in human spaceflight. The MOU aims to support CSA’s groundbreaking research on the International Space Station (ISS) by potentially enabling access to the ISS through Axiom-sponsored missions and, in the future, missions to Axiom Station. The MOU also aims to leverage the existing and robust Canadian space ecosystem to mutually develop opportunities for Canadian companies across numerous sectors and industries to work and conduct research in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

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