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Azercosmos Teleport renews Tier 4 compliance certificate

Updated: Jan 11

Azercosmos Teleport has renewed its Tier 4 compliance certificate from the World Teleport Association (WTA). It is noteworthy that Azercosmos Teleport was first awarded the international Tier 4 certificate in 2020. This signifies that over the past three years, Azercosmos Teleport services have consistently met high-quality and technological standards. The renewal of the Tier 4 certificate for the Baku Teleport ensures the continued assurance of service quality for its customers. The renewal is also a valuable opportunity for international organizations to audit the infrastructure, equipment, and procedures of the teleport.

The Baku Teleport, situated at the Main Ground Control Center, provides monitoring and control services for signals received from satellites. In addition to this, the teleport offers services such as hosting, involving the installation, operation, and storage of ground stations owned by global companies. With a vast area and currently operating with nearly 20 antennas, the Baku Teleport's unique and strategic position primarily supports the establishment of business-focused infrastructures for global companies in Azerbaijan.

"One of the most valuable assets for us is a service quality which leads to the customer satisfaction. Renewal of Tier 4 certification is proof that the conditions and services provided to our partners meet high standards", said Fuad Aslanov, deputy chairman of Azercosmos.

The World Teleport Association's "Teleport Certification Program" provides teleport operators with an objective, transparent, and internationally accepted method to document the quality of their operational services. Simultaneously, it serves as a tool for customers to choose the best teleports, service providers, and strategic partners. Currently, over 75 teleport operators worldwide possess the Tier 4 certificate.

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