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BlackSky reseller Telespazio to provide Spain’s with low-latency Earth imagery for disaster response

BlackSky Technology Inc. reseller Telespazio Ibérica will deliver Spain’s first-ever high-cadence, low-latency rapid emergency imagery service to the Government of Aragon and the Geographic Institute of Aragon (IGEAR).

“BlackSky’s ability to monitor rapid change over time gives local government leaders strategic assurance and incident commanders tactical confidence when they need it most,” said Brian E. O’Toole, BlackSky CEO. “Real-time situational awareness provides immediate value to crisis response missions when life-saving decisions need to made in a matter of minutes.”

The autonomous community of Aragon will use the imagery service to streamline responses to various crisis situations including fires, floods and other natural disasters.

BlackSky has supported a number of international customers and partners using satellite imagery for disaster management, including the Turkish and Syrian earthquake response in 2022 and the Beirut, Lebanon, chemical explosion that displaced more than 300 thousand people in 2020.


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