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Bright Ascension brings its unique space software solutions to Space Tech Expo Europe 2021

Bright Ascension Ltd., an industry leading space software technology provider, returns to Space Tech Expo Europe 2021 to showcase its innovative space software solutions, which aim to make satellite mission development and operation fast, cost effective and straightforward.

Bright Ascension will be demoing the unrivalled capabilities of its flagship Flight Software Development Kit, an innovative development environment, designed to create mission specific flight software using configurable and pre-validated components. This modular approach allows satellite developers to significantly shorten their time to market, reduce costs, lower risks, automate processes and get the maximum value from available resources “We firmly believe that our solutions are truly unique to the market and can substantially benefit any mission no matter how big, small or unique it is,” said Peter Mendham, CEO at Bright Ascension. “Standardisation is one of the core principles behind the commercialisation of space and while the sector is well used to hardware being off the shelf, software still tends to be bespoke.

Bright Ascension’s Mission Control Software

This slows down development and adds to inefficiency, complexity, risks and costs. By offering modular component based products, we bring space software into the off the shelf hardware realm and unlock the advantages of ready made system elements for our clients.”

The Flight Software Development Kit is complemented by Bright Ascension’s Mission Control Software, which will also be available for demo. Based on the same modular technology, it offers tangible improvements in efficiency, automation and cost reduction through effortless integration with the flight side.

The company invites visitors to Stand D25 in Hall 4 for a live demo of its unique modular based off

the shelf flight and ground software products.

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