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Bright Ascension launches academic programme and support for space software users

Bright Ascension Ltd., an industry leading space software technology provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its Bright Start Academic Programme. Building on the support provided to academic institutions over the recent years, the company has created an extensive programme to support the student community and enhance learning opportunities for building future industry skills and expertise within academic settings. Bright Ascension will be holding a free online launch event and invites all interested parties to attend.

Bright Ascension’s Mission Control Software

The Bright Start Academic Programme aims to support academic research by offering free or heavily discounted bundles of Bright Ascension’s Flight Software Development Kit and Mission Control Software. Through significant improvements in efficiency, lower service delivery costs and increased capabilities, these software products will allow students and researchers to launch their missions sooner, reduce risks, automate processes and operate spacecraft more efficiently.

In addition, Bright Ascension offers to sponsor three academic projects per year by providing its flight and ground software entirely free of charge, as part of the Bright Start programme. This will give an invaluable advantage to any academic mission and help students achieve their science, engineering and learning objectives faster and more efficiently.

“We know that university projects operate on extremely tight and often non existent budgets. But it is so important to support future skill building within the industry and that is why we are offering sponsorship and affordable licencing options to students and researchers,” said Peter Mendham, CEO. “We would like to encourage everyone interested to join our launch event to find out more about the programme, what it offers and how to apply.”

The online launch event of the Bright Start Academic Programme is scheduled for August, 10th at 3pm US Mountain Time, please visit the News & Events section on the company’s website to register.


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