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Bright Ascension’s newly launched partner programme raises interest in space sector

Bright Ascension Ltd., an industry-leading space software technology provider, recently launched its Partner Programme as a key strategic initiative to support its ongoing product expansion stage and is already seeing substantial interest. The Partner Programme is designed to offer collaboration and create multiple new pathways for commercial companies in the space sector across the globe to generate additional revenue streams through Bright Ascension’s product suite.

Bright Ascension’s Partner Programme

The Bright Ascension’s Partner Programme targets both software and hardware technology providers. Space tech companies across the world are offered a wide range of routes to build on Bright Ascension’s expertise and create new business opportunities, such as re-sale of software licences, turnkey mission software solutions to complement existing services or fully integrated flight-payload package offers for highly specialised technology providers.

Bright Ascension is undergoing an extensive product development stage to create the next-generation satellite software infrastructure and a complete end-to-end software solution for space-based service provision. The product suite covering software from early stages of development, validation, and operation through to data analysis and service delivery will significantly expand collaboration opportunities offered through the Partner Programme.

Launched earlier in the year, the Partner Programme has already generated sizable interest in the sector and Bright Ascension is working with space tech companies in the UK, USA and Asian markets to develop and finalise collaboration agreements. The first partnership announcements are expected to be communicated in the coming weeks.

“We are so thrilled to see our Partner Programme take off,” said Peter Mendham, CEO at Bright Ascension. “We are in a position now to announce that we are ironing out the T&Cs with a few partners on a global level, but we are also discussing many other potential collaboration opportunities that are still in the early days of negotiations. It’s incredible to see space tech companies coming onboard both for existing opportunities and the product suite in development

that reflects our vision of satellite software of tomorrow. This gives us reassurance that there is

indeed a clear need and demand in the space sector for highly efficient, integrated and cost-effective software solutions.”

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