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Bright Ascension's recent mission success leads to new product suite announcement at SmallSat 2023

SpaceX Transporter-7 Mission Launch on April 14, 2023. Credit: SpaceX
SpaceX Transporter-7 Mission Launch on April 14, 2023. Credit: SpaceX

Bright Ascension Ltd., an industry-leading space software technology provider, following a successful first half of the year both in terms of mission launches and product development, expects to release significantly more information on its upcoming product suite launch at the Small Satellites Conference in Logan, Utah, on August, 5-10.

2023 has been the busiest year for Bright Ascension with ten software deployments launched onboard three SpaceX rockets in the first half of the year. The satellites, developed for a diverse mix of applications, ranging from tracking hidden maritime activity for increased intelligence capability to delivering hyperspectral imaging data to benefit the agricultural sector, make up the highest number of the company’s software deployments launched within any six month period and take Bright Ascension’s current total to 44 spacecraft in orbit.

The 2023 SpaceX Transporter launches are an important steppingstone to building and solidifying Bright Ascension’s flight heritage and credibility within the sector ahead of the highly anticipated launch of its innovative suite of end-to-end space software products later in the year.

Bright Ascension is introducing a complete new product suite covering the entire space system from spacecraft flight software and ground operations systems to service management products and data-insights applications. Harnessing the power of integration and in-built scalability, this end-to-end space software solution will enable operators and space-based service providers to maximise their mission potential by making full use of available assets and save significant costs across development, operations and data delivery.

“So far, any information about our upcoming product suite launch has been a closely guarded secret,” said Peter Mendham, CEO at Bright Ascension. “We’ve had an incredibly productive first half of 2023 with ten satellite launches and breakthrough product development, and we feel now the time is right to share more detail on our new, innovative and truly unique product suite. Make sure to meet the team at the SmallSat Conference in Utah to find out what sort of savings our new products can give your mission in terms of cost, effort and time.”

Bright Ascension will be exhibiting on Booth 194 at the Small Satellites Conference in Logan, Utah on August, 5-10.

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