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BRO-9, Unseenlabs’ ninth satellite successfully launched into orbit

Unseenlabs, the world’s first radio frequency data and solutions provider for Maritime Domain Awareness, is announcing the successful launch of BRO-9, its ninth satellite. It blasted into space as part of the SpaceX’s Transporter-7 Mission from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. We successfully made contact with BRO-9 a few hours after the launch.

Since 2019, Unseenlabs has launched in orbit nine satellites to provide radio frequency (RF) data and solutions to its customers for the geolocation and characterization of ships at sea. By extending its satellite constellation, Unseenlabs will be able to increase its RF data collection capabilities, and to continue improving its solutions.

“We were pleased to successfully partner with Exolaunch and SpaceX for this launch”, Jonathan Galic, CTO & co-founder of Unseenlabs, stated. “BRO-9 is operational, and we are looking

forward to use its capabilities to continue upgrading our solutions for our customers.”

“We are thrilled that the launch was a success. It is another step forward in the development of our constellation, and more broadly of Unseenlabs. It will allow us to meet the growing demand for RF data and solutions”, Clément Galic, CEO & cofounder, said.


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