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Capricorn Space expands ground segment as service capabilities in West Australia with Leaf Space

Privately funded Capricorn Space has recently added additional capabilities at its 35 hectare site in Mingenew, Western Australia to support both the Australian and global space industry.

Capricorn Space’s two 5 metre S/X-Band antenna systems are being actively utilised providing services to some of the major global satellite constellation operators with attractions being a strategic landing location for satellite data, clear sky environment, full horizon-to-horizon visibility, a no-fly zone and a region embargoed by the national regulator for supporting satellite services.

International Satellite and Ground Station operators alike are also taking advantage of Capricorn Space’s A$5M investment in flexible infrastructure, based on world’s best practice, to install their own bespoke technologies to provide reliable and quality access to the data streamed from satellites as they pass overhead. Reliable off-grid power and high-speed optical fibre and microwave communications at the site means the data collected can be instantly transferred for processing anywhere in the world.

Multiple antenna systems are being currently being installed for Italian based Leaf Space Srl who provide ground segment services for microsatellite operators across a global network of 15 sites.

Capricorn Space CEO Mark Thompson commented: “We are pleased to welcome Leaf Space as a tenant on our site. Capricorn Space offers specialised services from our initial ground station capability in Western Australia and we are keen to support the global operators of ground segment as a service from this perfect location 80 km south-east of Geraldton. The significant investment at our site has delivered a wonderful asset to the Australian, and in particular the Western Australian space industry, and we will continue to deliver capabilities that are in demand globally.”

Leaf Space CEO Jonata Puglia commented: “The opportunity to utilise the Capricorn Space site was too good to pass up. Our customers need to access their satellites at very regular intervals and the relative lack of land and infrastructure in the southern hemisphere provides significant challenges. The Mingenew location provides a key asset to our global network and we can envision operating from this site for many years to come.”

Capricorn Space was founded in 2018 and has expanded its capabilities during the challenges of lockdowns and lockouts during the COVID-19 pandemic. With key engineering and operations staff and facilities in Canberra and a team of support engineers and technicians in Western Australia the capability now in place is available to satellite operators whether flying a single mission or operating a constellation of satellites.