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Catch the latest ND SATCOM product launch at CABSAT in Dubai

ND SATCOM proudly presents the new FlyAway terminal at CABSAT in Dubai. This launch underscores the company’s market leadership and ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

“One major advantage that sets this new terminal apart is its wind stability: it can withstand very high wind speeds and heavy storms and yet continue to operate normal,” stated Dirk Walther, head of ND SATCOM’s defense business unit.

The FlyAway terminal MFT1500 benefits from another clear advantage: the successful integration of our SKYWAN 5G modem. Customers appreciate the proven high reliability and security that SKYWAN offers due to the strength of adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) for TDMA transmissions. The technology has raised the bar, enabling transmission in heavy rains with adaptive bandwidth control. In the motorized version, engineers have integrated the antenna control operation into the modem. This means, all components needed for automatic alignment to SKYWAN or DVB signals are built-in, comparing the conventional FlyAway terminals that use two external devices.

ND SATCOM continues to push the technical boundaries while optimising portability and product life for this new FlyAway terminal. Wherever possible, carbon fibre has been used to reduce weight, improve durability, and provide the extreme rigidity required for Ka-band operation in high winds. Both the 180° range of azimuth adjustment and the design of the feed arms as a fully integrated frequency band-specific unit highlights operational readiness. A frequency band change is accomplished efficiently by simply swapping the feed arm, without the need for time-consuming re-/attachment of waveguide connections.

The company's in-house R&D team in Germany designed and developed the new terminal for production and qualified the finished product to meet stringent military standards. At the CABSAT trade fair on 26 - 28 October 2021 in Dubai, ND SATCOM will demonstrate an X-band-capable FlyAway terminal MFT 1500 at its booth B3-36.


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