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Cellcom and NOVELSAT collaborate on a 5G stadium pilot for immersive fan experiences

Cellcom and NOVELSAT collaborate on a 5G stadium pilot for immersive fan experiences

Cellcom an NOVELSAT have teamed up to leverage 5G technology to deliver captivating multi-camera views to fans at live events.

Through the integration of NOVELSAT's edge-based media delivery solution within a stadium

equipped with Cellcom's advanced 5G network, this initiative will introduce an immersive

real-time multi-camera viewing experience for in-stadium fans. Video feeds from various

cameras positioned throughout the stadium will be seamlessly processed by NOVELSAT's

solution and promptly distributed to fans’ smartphones over Cellcom’s public 5G network.

Utilizing cutting-edge edge-computing capabilities, NOVELSAT's solution will stream video

content with the utmost quality and minimal latency to a dedicated application installed on users' devices. This pilot will effectively demonstrate the substantial advantages of edge- based video delivery, offering enhanced video traffic efficiency and an elevated end-user experience quality (QoE), all the while showcasing the potential of 5G to deliver customized, engaging experiences that draw fans even closer to the heart of the action.

“5G is a game-changer for sports and stadium business, stimulating fan experiences. The

smartphone in the hand of each fan is generating the opportunity for an interactive and unforgettable fan experience,” said Gary Drutin, CEO of NOVELSAT. “NOVELSAT’s edge-

based media distribution solution leverages next-generation connectivity to enable new values for connected stadiums. Our pioneering solution ideally addresses the on-site demand for high bandwidth with low latency, offering market-leading video delivery economics for large public venues. Creating a platform that supports the future of interactive stadiums, we empower the vision of the connected fan experience with future-proofed solutions that stay ahead of the game.”

"The 5G technology enables the advancement of highly innovative products and services across various domains. At Cellcom, we are diligently working to enhance Israel's most powerful and highest quality 5G network, alongside fostering and developing greater and better experiences for our customers,” said Avi Grinman, Cellcom's CTO and VP of Engineering. “Stimulating innovation in sports fan experiences aligns perfectly with our mission, and by integrating NOVELSAT's expertise in content delivery with our advanced 5G infrastructure, we aim to explore a new dimension of in-stadium entertainment.”

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