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Chelton celebrates 75 years of engineering excellence and pioneering innovation in defence

First established in 1947, Chelton has spent the past seven decades defining and advancing the avionics and defence industry with a number of world firsts; from novel static dischargers and radio silent tuneable antennas through to the ground-breaking airborne 4G public safety radio, pioneering stand-off explosive ordnance detection systems using Ground Penetrating Radar and a trailblazing land-based Air Traffic Management System to be used at sea.

Right from the start, 75 years ago, our founding principles and strong leadership established a foothold that is still relevant today; a keen eye for niche markets, cutting edge innovation combined with technical capabilities and a unique understanding of engineering and development.

The continued commitment of our employees, customers, partners and friends is a testament to our rich legacy of engineering excellence and game-changing achievements.

Jason Abbott, Chelton President, remarked, “Chelton originally set out to make a name for itself as ‘The Antenna Company of the 21st Century’ but the truth is that we quickly surpassed our own expectations. Today, our globally recognised portfolio spans Antennas, Avionics and Land systems, and more than 120 core platforms depend on us for dynamic products and solutions that protect millions of lives. Helping customers has been a top priority since the beginning and will continue to be our focus in the future to ensure they secure success in even the most demanding environments.”

Since that icy, winter’s day on 7th March 1947, times have certainly changed but at the heart of Chelton a passion to transform the aerospace and defence industry remains alongside our aim to be the trusted defence partner of choice for customers across the world.

Here’s to the next 75 years.


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