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Cinedeck launches flexible and scalable media processing platform at IBC

Cinedeck launches flexible and scalable media processing platform at IBC

Cinedeck has launched ConneX, its flexible and scalable media processing platform, ahead of IBC 2023. Delivering media workflow automation, ConneX’s award winning capture, conform, and media processing technologies enable media companies to batch process and edit files seamlessly and cost-effectively.

ConneX delivers a wealth of media-focused features without users needing to write code or invest in expensive software. It offers services to trim, rewrap and transcode content, as well as restripe timecodes and captions, insert edits (including audio WAV extraction and metadata edits), and move or copy content within databases or the cloud.

Thanks to a number of third party integrations, ConneX provides the media industry with revolutionary workflows to overhaul usage of video and audio content. Its latest integrations include Filmworkz, allowing users to seamlessly restore, digitize, and reversion content; Qscan for automated file quality control; as well as enabling cloud storage workflows with Backblaze and Wasabi.

Jane Sung, COO, Cinedeck, commented: “Cinedeck’s objective is to optimize workflows within media. ConneX delivers intelligent automation to enable quick and cost-effective content management and processing. Our technologies provide broadcasters with the tools they need to manage and edit content, without having to deploy costly software, allowing them to maximize their catalog and improve ROI. ConneX’s partnerships allow our customers to manage their content using intuitive and feature-rich workflows which integrate seamlessly with required platforms.”

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