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COMSAT and Satcom Direct Communications form SD Government for enhanced customer offering

Satcom Direct, the business aviation solutions provider, has ramped up its support for military and government customers by unifying COMSAT and SD Communications, under a new brand, SD Government. The rebrand brings its military and government services and support under one umbrella to deliver customers streamlined access to the entire SD ecosystem of services, for an even stronger connectivity and support experience.

SD Government supports customers in mission critical situations

The integration of SD Government with the collective SD hardware, software and infrastructure units will more effectively leverage the full capabilities of Satcom Direct, to provide enhanced products and services to a customer base requiring reliable, consistent connectivity to support mission critical situations.

“Military and government customers rely on SD to deliver a complete, secure connectivity pathway from when the signal leaves the satellite through to end user receipt. Aligning our infrastructure in a single brand streamlines acquisition, customer support and service provision. SD Government represents the widest variety of secure hardware and software connectivity solutions for those operating in the most challenging environments, ensuring that military and government customers remain seamlessly and safely connected, at all times,” says Chris Moore, President Satcom Direct.

The strategic move will improve operational efficiencies, provide cohesive customer support and enable optimization of the full gamut of SD end-to-end connectivity. The teleports, which provide the vital link between SD’s satellite partners and the terrestrial ground network, operate on the east and west coast of the USA, while SD Government is based at World Headquarters in Melbourne, FL.

Alignment with the Tier III rated, ISO 27001 certified facility SD Data Centre, further harnesses delivery of the SD suite of cybersecurity solutions which maintain customer data integrity in the air, at sea and on the ground.


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