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Comtech awarded $29 million for blended communications technologies and location services

Comtech has announced that Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC (Yahsat) has awarded the company $29 million to deliver communications technologies and location services that will operate on Yahsat’s Thuraya 4-NGS satellite constellation.

Under this contract, Comtech will design, develop, install, integrate, and test communications and location-based technologies for Yahsat’s Location Tracking Services Platform and User Terminals. Comtech’s offerings will help enable blended communications and enhanced location-based services for end users of Yahsat’s network.

“Comtech and Yahsat’s partnership further demonstrates the advantages of blending satellite and terrestrial technologies to enable secure, enhanced, and ubiquitous connectivity services for commercial and government customers around the world,” said Ken Peterman, President and CEO, Comtech. “This contract also illustrates the trust of our international partners as well as Comtech’s unique ability to deliver the innovative solutions and services needed to connect the unconnected, bridge the digital divide, and empower individuals across the globe through access to new technologies.”

“We are proud to be partnering with Comtech on this significant project. This collaboration is testament to our commitment to innovation and our determination to provide our customers with the latest cutting-edge technologies,” said Ali Al Hashemi, Group CEO, Yahsat. “At Yahsat, we have built a reputation as a forward-thinking satellite communications provider that is able to anticipate and solve challenges that prevent our customers from successfully achieving their goals. This approach perfectly synergizes with Comtech’s expertise and together we seek to shift the paradigm in location tracking and communications.”

Comtech’s communications capabilities and location-based services, including those provided to Yahsat, are designed to support the convergence of global communications infrastructures. With the merging of space, satellite, terrestrial, and wireless technologies, Comtech is uniquely positioned to enable hybrid network infrastructures that can open the door to a nearly endless number of applications and deliver connectivity to locations that have historically been underserved or unconnected.

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