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Comtech awarded multi-million dollar order for new ground station development contract

Comtech Telecommunications Corp., a global leading provider of next-generation 911 emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies, announced today, that during its fourth quarter of fiscal year 2021, it was awarded a multi-million dollar contract from an overseas agency for development of a large transportable launch tracking ground station.

“We are pleased that our long-term customer continues to rely on Comtech for yet another ground station development contract,” said Fred Kornberg, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

The contract was awarded to Comtech’s Space and Component Technology (SCT) division, which specializes in providing ground station services in the form of turnkey site development, infrastructure, operations and maintenance of several range tracking stations in the South Pacific. Using the concepts of product families and platform-based product development to increase variety, shorten lead-times and reduce costs without compromising system performance, SCT provides turnkey ground station solutions for both launch vehicle and satellite tracking. SCT also supplies high reliability microelectronics (for use in satellite, launch vehicle and manned space applications) as well as the most extensive line of LEO/MEO X/Y tracking antennas in the industry.