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Comtech partners with RapidSOS to provide life-saving data to 911 agencies across the United States

Comtech Telecommunications Corp., a leading global provider of next-generation 911 emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies, announced today, that its new SmartResponse™ solution is now designated “RapidSOS Ready.” RapidSOS is an emergency-response data platform that securely links life-saving data directly to emergency service providers and first responders.

SmartResponse™ is a cloud-native solution that combines the most accurate location data with caller information, live traffic, weather, routing, POIs, and DOT camera feeds in a single Common Operating Picture (“COP”). It is GIS data agnostic and can interface with any call handling or CAD platform through its use of flexible application programming interfaces (APIs). SmartResponse™ is designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s emergency communication centers, empowering communication professionals with accurate information, resulting in improved response times and performance.

“Together, Comtech and RapidSOS will provide innovative solutions that emergency responders need to address events in real time, with actionable data that significantly improves situational awareness, and therefore decision-making and subsequent outcomes,” said Michael Porcelain, CEO and President of Comtech. “In addition, more broadly, linking the SmartResponse™ and RapidSOS platforms will enable public safety agencies to seamlessly coordinate emergency responses and share critical data across jurisdictional boundaries. I’m excited by Comtech’s opportunity to contribute further to emergency response and public safety as a trusted partner.”

“Comtech’s SmartResponse™ solution is a life-saving technology and innovation to public safety,” said Jessica Reed, Vice President of Strategy and Global Partners at RapidSOS. “Working to transform emergency response requires a partnership approach, and we continuously look for industry leaders such as Comtech to join the RapidSOS partner network. With this partnership, Comtech joins the RapidSOS Ready community of GovTech and public safety software companies that deliver their product offerings through the RapidSOS Portal to unify public safety tools and resources onto one platform.

Today, telecommunicators in the US and around the world often are forced to rely just on the limited information a 911 phone call can provide, resulting in dispatching delays and first responders arriving on the scene under-informed. However, the Comtech SmartResponse™ integration will provide 911 caller location information quickly, consistently, and accurately. Along with caller location data, the Comtech SmartResponse™ solution is providing additional data, e.g., crash notification information provided by SiriusXM Connected Vehicles and video footage, to better equip call takers and first responders.”

The RapidSOS and Comtech’s SmartResponse™ solution will become available to Emergency Communication Centers with access to SmartResponse™ in 2022.


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