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Comtech secures multi-million dollar contracts for its ELEVATE platform

Comtech recently secured multiple multi-million-dollar contracts for its ELEVATE platform to provide commercial and government customers with satellite cellular backhaul as well as telemetry data and video services over Low Earth Orbit and Geostationary Orbit constellations.

Under the contracts, Comtech will deliver up to 1,000 ELEVATE terminals this year to customers in six countries. Comtech ELEVATE is a platform designed to support multi-orbit constellations as well as the convergence of communications infrastructures.

“Comtech ELEVATE is one of the unique end-to-end technologies and services we are delivering to customers that will usher in a new era of democratized access to global connectivity,” said Ken Peterman, President and CEO, Comtech. “These contracts demonstrate the strong and growing demand for secure, adaptable, and scalable solutions that will be needed to close the digital divide and empower people across the globe with access to new technologies.”

Comtech ELEVATE provides connectivity over satellite as well as access over high capacity wireless networks. ELEVATE’s versatility can support emerging use cases that will enable the convergence of space-based applications in the United States as well as international markets.


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