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Comtech Telecommunications Corp. awarded US$6.3 million in contracts for high-power Ka-band TWTAs

Comtech Telecommunications Corp., a leading global provider of next-generation 911 emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies, announced today, that during its fourth quarter of fiscal 2021, it was awarded multiple contracts aggregating US$6.3 million for 500W Ka-band traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) for both military and commercial High-throughput Satellite (HTS) systems.

HTS systems offer the high speed of fiber with the reliability, global coverage and flexibility of a satellite architecture. Military and commercial customers demand high-capacity data rates with fiber-like connectivity.

“Comtech’s 500W family of Ka-band TWTAs provide the power needed for these high-capacity connections,” said Fred Kornberg, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. “Working with Ka-band HTS system integrators and satellite operators, Comtech provides the power amplifier solutions they need.”


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