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Comtech welcomes Sirqul as new EVOKE technology partner

Comtech announced today that Sirqul will become the Company's first publicly announced EVOKE technology partner.

EVOKE is Comtech's Innovation Foundry, which is led by the company's Chief Growth Officer and is dedicated to creating and accelerating transformational changes across the global technology landscape. EVOKE engages with customers, partners, and suppliers to push the boundaries of technologies that will lay the foundation of connectivity and shape future societies and ecosystems. As the first publicly announced EVOKE technology partner, Sirqul will work jointly with Comtech on a unified focus of achieving “Smart Operations,” where enterprises will be able to make business decisions with real-time Internet of Things (IoT) data to develop actionable business insights and improve operations, creating unprecedented customer value in uniquely innovative ways.

“As one of our EVOKE partners, Sirqul brings industry-leading expertise and differentiated technologies that will enable us to collaborate to address our customers most difficult challenges and bring forward solutions that democratize communications access for all,” said Ken Peterman, president and CEO, Comtech. “Together, we will build interoperable, game-changing capabilities that support the convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications infrastructures, next-generation location-based services, and cloud-native IoT applications powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Sirqul is an IoT platform with over 80 modular services and over 400 application programming interfaces (APIs), it calls ingredients, empowering companies and organizations of all sizes to deploy IoT solutions in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and at the edge. By working together, Comtech and Sirqul will bring robust mobile, web, social, voice, IoT, and digital-twin offerings, and other technologies to a variety of global markets.

“We are very honoured to be chosen as the first publicly announced EVOKE technology partner and have already started the ideation process for this amazing opportunity with the global leader in this space,” said Robert Frederick, founder and CEO, Sirqul. “By working with the Comtech team, we believe that we will be able to enhance each company's capabilities and provide our worldwide customers with a combination of features, services, and solutions that we could not do on our own, while expanding partnership and business development opportunities for 2023 and beyond.”

Yesterday, Sirqul announced Comtech will also join its Strategic Alliance Program to integrate its best-in-class communications solutions, precision location-based services, and cloud-native technologies with Sirqul's Engagement-as-a-Service (Eaas) IoT Platform. Sirqul has been building its unique capabilities with its Strategic Alliance Partners since 2012 and chooses only a few companies to add to the Alliance each year based on in-depth assessments of technologies that will significantly enhance consumer and business experiences across global markets.


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