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Comtech welcomes WishKnish as new EVOKE technology partner

Comtech has announced that WishKnish will become the company’s second publicly revealed EVOKE technology partner.

As the second publicly announced EVOKE technology partner, WishKnish will work jointly with Comtech on a unified focus of integrating highly secure, flexible distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies across diverse commercial and government applications to help enhance physical and digital coexistence around the world.

“As one of our EVOKE partners, WishKnish brings industry leading blockchain offerings that will enable us to deliver differentiated technologies in today’s data driven economy,” said Ken Peterman, President and CEO, Comtech. “Together, we will collaborate to accelerate the way society securely exchanges information across industries, institutions, governments, and developers.”

WishKnish is focused on creating a highly secure, flexible, environmentally friendly distributed ledger platform called Knish.IO, addressing challenges of data-heavy industries such as e-commerce, supply chain, and mission-critical communications.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Comtech to bring transparency, audibility, and ease of use to safety and security focused ecosystems,” said Lisa Gus, CEO and Co-founder, WishKnish. “In today’s difficult threat landscape, it is more important than ever to integrate innovative technologies in legacy systems to stay several steps ahead of adversaries. Through this EVOKE partnership, we will help ensure the safe means of communications in diverse markets across the globe.”

EVOKE is Comtech’s Innovation Foundry, which is led by the company’s Chief Growth Officer and is dedicated to creating and accelerating transformational changes across the global technology landscape. EVOKE engages with customers, partners, and suppliers to push the boundaries of technologies that will lay the foundation of connectivity as well as shape future societies and ecosystems.


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