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Connecticut’s Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc’s NASA - AMPES experiment on Blue Origin flight

Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.™ announced today that Infinity’s NASA-funded, Advanced Modular Power and Energy System (AMPES) operated successfully aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard 23 (NS-23) flight on September 12 despite an anomaly that shortened the mission.

Infinity Fuel Cell & Hydrogen, Inc’s™ Advanced Modular Power and Energy System (AMPES)

The AMPES system is a scalable modular system that employs Infinity’s patented non-flow through, air-independent fuel cell technology. The technology could be used to power landers, rovers, surface equipment and habitats on the moon or Mars.

Infinity founder and CEO, William F. Smith remarked, “Despite the anomaly, we are pleased with the initial data and look forward to further analysis.”

This was the first launch of a fully integrated H2-O2 fuel cell power system aboard a space-capable vehicle since the retirement of the Space Shuttle and the first-ever aboard a commercial space launch vehicle. The results mark an important test and milestone in the development of Infinity’s technology.


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