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Criteria Labs delivers MMIC flight units in support of James Webb Space Telescope mission

Criteria Labs, an industry leader in high-reliability microelectronic components and semiconductor engineering solutions has partnered with the Canadian based fine guidance sensor/near infrared imager and slitless spectrograph (FGS/NIRISS) team and other suppliers in support of the James Webb Space Telescope Mission.

Criteria Labs developed and qualified sub-harmonically pumped MMIC mixers with integrated LO amplifiers for the fine guidance system. The fine guidance system allows the JWST to point precisely, so that it can obtain high-quality imagery.

“Criteria Labs is proud to support the FGS/NIRISS team,” said Douglas Myron, President and CEO. “Our partnership with the FGS/NIRISS team echoes the confidence and trust that customers place in Criteria Labs for mission critical aerospace and harsh environment applications.”

Launched on December 24th, 2021, the JWST is an international collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the CSA. Upon reaching its target destination, the JWST will observe all phases in cosmic history, searching for the first stars and galaxies to be formed, as well as all forms of life, while also studying the evolution of galaxies and how current stars and planets came to be.


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