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Crypta Labs develops world’s first space compliant Quantum Random Number Generator

Crypta Labs has completed its SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology)-funded project, in collaboration with the University of Southampton. The company has developed a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) for space that will facilitate quantum secure encryption of satellite data.

University of Southampton thermal vacuum testing QRNG device

Crypta Labs successfully concluded the SPRINT project to develop QRNG for use in the low Earth orbit environment. The QRNG devices were tested by the University of Southampton in a thermal vacuum, cycling between temperatures of -50C and +80C, during which the team in Southampton were able to generate high quality random numbers at a bitrate of 40Mbit/s. The devices were then subjected to vibration tests simulating the launch environment of a Soyuz and Falcon 9 vehicles. All devices successfully completed the tests and came out fully operational.

Jean Paul Ludig, Crypta Labs Head of Operations said: “We are grateful to the SPRINT programme and the fantastic team at the University of Southampton for allowing us to prove that our patented QRNG can withstand extreme environmental condition robust enough for space. Hopefully, this will encourage dialogues with defence and aerospace vendors looking to integrate quality quantum random numbers to provide the next constellations of quantum satellite communications.

"This is a huge milestone in achieving our vision to accelerate the adoption of Quantum technology.”

Charlie Ryan, Lecturer in Astronautics at the University of Southampton added: “It has been great to work with such a dynamic company on a very innovate product. It has allowed us to increase our experience of verification testing of spacecraft components and we look forward to working with Crypta Labs again in the near future.”

Rain Irshad, Head of the SPRINT Programme added: "SPRINT has already engaged with over 450 businesses, enabling over 90 collaborative innovation projects across the UK. One of our primary aims is to enable businesses to develop new cutting-edge space technologies so we're delighted that Crypta Labs has successfully completed its project in collaboration with the University of Southampton."

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