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Cyan Forensics becomes strategic partner for Detego Digital Forensics by MCM Solutions

Cyan Forensics, the Edinburgh-based company delivering technologies to help law enforcement find evidence in child abuse and counter terrorism investigations, today announced a new partnership with Detego Digital Forensics by MCM Solutions, creators of an end-to-end suite of modular digital forensics tools. Cyan Forensics’ technology will enhance the capabilities of Detego Digital Forensics’ Field Triage tools by delivering up to 100x faster digital triage in the field. The partnership will enable police forces and other agencies to rapidly extract and analyse data from suspect devices during covert operations.

In a competitive counter terrorism tender process last year, Detego Digital Forensics and Cyan Forensics were jointly awarded a contract, paving the way for a collaborative partnership which will bring enhanced solutions to the market. This will enable operatives to quickly acquire evidence of illegal content, such as illicit images of children and extremist material, enabling police forces to act more quickly. According to the National Police Chiefs’ Council, demand for digital forensics capabilities has risen by 16% since 2016, demonstrating the need for better solutions.

This strategic partnership amplifies Cyan Forensics’ continued growth as it brings its technologies into more overseas markets, sharing its expertise and influence through this collaboration. Detego Digital Forensics’ knowledge and deployment in countries across the globe ensures Cyan Forensics’ technology will continue to aid police forces and agencies worldwide.

Cyan Forensics’ suite of rapid digital triage tools is already used in counter terror policing in the UK and Europe. In addition, having integrated with the UK Home Office’s Child Abuse Image Database, they are deployed nationally for child sexual exploitation investigations.

Ian Stevenson, CEO of Cyan Forensics commented: “Detego Digital Forensics offers world-class leading solutions for the rapid extraction of evidence from suspects’ devices in the field, and our rapid triage approach complements that by identifying where there is evidence to extract. We’re proud to be collaborating with Detego to bring these leading technologies together. Getting faster results helps streamline the whole process of investigations, enabling better decision making, reducing risks, and often reducing overall costs too.”

“Our partnership with Cyan Forensics gives digital forensic investigators an unmatched and more complete toolkit. The rapid triage solution delivered by Cyan Forensics combined with our already industry leading field investigation tools including the world’s fastest forensic imager, now provides the ability to both rapidly identify suspect material and acquire the forensic image of a device in record time. This will significantly reduce the time investigators spend on a suspect device in the field. It is another ground-breaking partnership which adds even more value and capability to the Detego toolset, for the benefit of our Customers,” added John-Paul Backwell, Global Sales & Marketing Director of MCM Solutions.

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