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Dalet demonstrates industry-first ingest-to-production and distribution cloud workflows at IBC 2023

Dalet will showcase its new hyper-scalable multichannel IP ingest solution Dalet InStream - a major expansion to Dalet Brio capture capabilities - and the recently-released award-winning multimedia web-based editor Dalet Cut at IBC2023 (stand 7.B45). These powerful cloud-native SaaS solutions help customers achieve the operational efficiency and cost savings they need. This marks the first time end-to-end workflows in the cloud can be executed seamlessly across Dalet Pyramid-powered news operations and the wide range of Dalet Flex media workflows. IBC2023 attendees can book a demonstration at to experience first-hand the benefits and cost savings Dalet’s full range of solutions bring to news operations and media workflows. This includes its brand new innovations Dalet InStream and Dalet Cut, the state-of-the-art Dalet Flex platform and Dalet Pyramid modules, Dalet AmberFin high-quality transcoding and media processing, as well as Dalet Brio high-density ingest and playout application. "We continue to bring innovative workflow solutions that address our customers’ constantly evolving production and distribution challenges. These are particularly acute as we ramp up for a year of major events and continuous industry transformation through streaming and multi-faceted content offerings,” commented Robin Kirchhoffer, CMO at Dalet. “As we support our customers along their journey, we have reimagined our solutions to solve their pain points and provide new ways of operating. The newest Dalet cloud solutions will enable our customers to scale their operations at will, better forecast and control budgets, and significantly reduce infrastructure costs.” Dalet Media Ecosystem - Faster Productions, Greater ROI Dalet’s range of cloud-native SaaS solutions empowers businesses to seamlessly connect and run all their media operations for optimal operational efficiency. Underpinned by Dalet Flex, the industry’s most advanced media asset management and workflow platform, Dalet solutions feature an intuitive web-based interface that lets users access and utilize tools and assets from anywhere. Customers can implement faster workflows for content creation and delivery.

Dalet demonstrates industry-first ingest-to-production and distribution cloud workflows at IBC 2023

Introducing Dalet InStream Dalet continues to invest in its IP and SDI ingest solutions to reimagine the way customers can capture content at scale. Complementing the high-density Dalet Brio on-premises ingest and playout platform, Dalet InStream elastic IP ingest workflows can significantly reduce the costs of capturing live events and producing near-live content in the cloud. This comes at a crucial time as broadcasters and media organizations gear up for the 2024 lineup of global events, including the Olympics and key elections. Feature and benefit highlights include:

  • Scale ingest capabilities dynamically based on immediate needs, removing barriers for expanded opportunities.

  • Access your ingest from anywhere, creating efficiencies across multi-site operations removing duplication and enabling faster workflows with growing file support.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership while maintaining broadcast-quality capture and formats (high resolution and proxy generation).

  • Centralize operations with a user-friendly interface that enables users to manage both IP and on-premises SDI ingest, when combined with Dalet Brio.

  • Support a wide range of broadcast feed formats including SRT, NDI or RTMP from web sources, Zoom and backpack solutions to ingest live content from the field.

Featuring Dalet Cut The fastest editor for news and media workflows, Dalet Cut, powers live web-based editing from anywhere with native access to all assets including clips, sequences, projects and graphics, even on limited bandwidth. New at IBC, Dalet Cut enhances media workflows within Dalet Flex:

  • Select and cut down content without leaving the Dalet Flex environment.

  • Easily and quickly create social media highlights.

  • Accelerate media distribution with easy-to-use compliance editing workflows integrated within your media supply chain platform.

Dalet will also show Dalet Cut’s news production capabilities within Dalet Pyramid:

  • Break news first and create multimedia news stories from anywhere through cloud-native proxy editing coupled with intuitive tools for story creation.

  • Packaging and distribution of eye-catching stories for any platform is quick and easy in a single browser tab.

  • Quickly turnaround multiple story versions for social media at any point of the workflow from ingest to delivery.

Dalet demonstrates industry-first ingest-to-production and distribution cloud workflows at IBC 2023

More Dalet Updates and Enhancements In addition to introducing new SaaS solutions, Dalet will unveil enhancements across its entire product lineup, including:

  • Dalet AmberFin now delivers tighter integration across the entire Dalet ecosystem. Customers can now add on elastic cloud processing to existing deployments with hybrid configurations, which delivers the same high-quality transcode engine, now available in the cloud.

  • Dalet Brio brings support for added formats such as NDI v5 and high-res MP4, as well as integration for Dalet InStream scheduling.

  • Dalet CubeNG, Dalet’s advanced real-time graphics platform, provides continued backend improvements and additional integrations with Dalet Cut and graphics platform

  • Dalet Media Cortex, Dalet’s AI service platform, is now Integrated with Dalet's latest solutions, including Dalet Cut, enabling seamless AI-generated captions.

“These updates enable our customers to improve their workflows and lower their costs whether for news productions, media supply chain, production asset management or archive requirements,” stated Mathieu Zarouk, VP Product Management at Dalet. “Our latest lineup opens up new opportunities for our clients to create more content and better engage with their audience.” For more information visit:

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