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DCSA grants Telesat Government Solutions facility clearance

Telesat Government Solutions, a US-incorporated, wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian-based Telesat, today announced that the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) has granted the company a Facility Clearance (FCL) under a Special Security Agreement (SSA) with the US Government. Through the newly obtained FCL, Telesat Government Solutions will engage directly with the US Government and key personnel to design and deliver advanced connectivity solutions, including communications for critical and classified national security missions.

“By launching Telesat Government Solutions as a separate, US-incorporated entity, this group can more strategically engage with US Government end-users in this growing and important market,” said Dan Goldberg, Telesat’s President and CEO. “This direct collaboration will ensure that Telesat builds the capabilities and service enhancements that deliver resilient, assured connectivity in a continuously evolving threat environment.”

In addition, the company has appointed a highly experienced Board of Directors to oversee and advise Telesat Government Solutions:

  • Scott Webster (Co-founder of Orbital Sciences Corporation and Telesat Government Solutions Chairman)

  • Lieutenant General Michael A. Hamel (Former US Air Force Commander, Space and Missile Systems Center)

  • Rear Admiral Victor C. See, Jr. (Former US Navy Rear Admiral, COMM Director National Reconnaissance Office, and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command)

  • Michael Schwartz (SVP, Corporate and Business Development, Telesat)

  • Tom Eaton (President, Telesat Government Solutions)

Scott Webster has witnessed entrepreneurial growth across 30+ years of corporate board service that will bring valuable expertise to his position as Chairman of Telesat Government Solutions. He is the co-founder of Orbital Sciences Corporation (known as Orbital ATK), a first mover in the commercial development of space.

“It’s an incredibly exciting and important time for the connectivity market, and Telesat Government Solution’s unique offerings will be transformative for government and defense applications moving forward,” said Mr. Webster, Chairman of Telesat Government Solutions. “I’m honored to be appointed Chairman and play a part in advancing these initiatives and look forward to serving alongside the impressive and expert group of industry leaders that has been assembled to do this.”

Lt. General Michael Hamel’s career in government and industry spans 40+ years and includes space strategy and policy, satellite and ground system development across military, intelligence, civil and commercial sectors. He currently works as an independent consultant supporting USG space efforts, and previously served as Vice President and General Manager for Commercial Space at Lockheed Martin Space.

Retired US Navy leader Rear Admiral Victor C. See, Jr. joins the board with a 35-year career in aviation, aerospace, Information Technology, and national security. In addition to Telesat Government Solutions, he provides strategic advisement and leadership to the Space Systems Integration, and previously served at the Senior Vice President of Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI/Centauri/KBR).

Tom Eaton, who recently moved into the role as President of Telesat Government Solutions in October, also serves on the new board, as does Michael Schwartz, Telesat’s Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development.

“The new board members of Telesat Government Solutions bring decades of invaluable expertise from satellite network, communications, and defense industries that, combined, will prove instrumental in advancing capabilities for the US Government user community,” said Tom Eaton, President of Telesat Government Solutions. “As Telesat brings Telesat Lightspeed, its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation network to market, their counsel and oversight will be important in the delivery of the secure, reliable, and resilient global network the US Government and allies require for success.”

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