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Due to enormous customer demand, Optisys has opened an office in the UK to better serve customers

Optisys is pleased to announce it has opened an office in the South East of England to better support its current customers in the UK and EU, as our space and defence endeavours in the region increase substantially.

Optisys, a worldwide leader in designing advanced antenna technology, utilises metal additive manufacturing to produce ultra-integrated, low SWaP radio frequency products. The uptake of our revolutionary approach, and unprecedented customer demand, has facilitated the opening of a local office. This action ensures these programmes can be supported efficiently as well as encouraging further collaboration within the commercial and defence industries in general.

“Optisys LTD will not just be a sales office,” commented Adam Arnold, Vice President of Optisys UK, “We want to tap into the excellent RF expertise, and 3d printing support, the UK and EU has to offer us. This will create jobs that will further develop our future technology and processes, to the benefit of our worldwide customers.”

Optisys' ambitions to become a leading player in the antenna market is being funded by excellent sales performance from the industries’ realisation of the benefit of its next generation RF products has to offer past, current and future platforms from sea to space.

“This is a natural expansion for our enterprise,” stated Optisys CEO Janos Opra, “the UK and EU have always been very keen to adopt our technology because they really see the benefit over traditional technology. Our goals in the region and the market demand are in complete lockstep and we are looking forward to cementing relationships and exploiting opportunities.”


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