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Dutch entrepreneur connects remote Greenland villages with the world

Dutch entrepreneur connects remote Greenland villages with the world

Walter van der Plas, owner of Skybrokers, has taken a significant step in connecting remote areas with the world. His organization, specializing in large satellite dish projects and services, has recently provided internet connectivity to three isolated villages in Greenland: Qaanaaq, Ittoqqortoormiit, and Tasiilaq.

After months of logistical planning and a complex journey involving 14 stops, including helicopter and commercial flights and transfers, various Skybrokers teams have constructed one satellite dish and converted two others to a different frequency. These antennas are now aligned with a new satellite recently launched by SpaceX, operated by the Spanish satellite operator Hispasat. The installations will result in substantial cost savings for the local telecom provider Tusass and ensure internet connectivity for the small villages in Greenland.

Dutch entrepreneur connects remote Greenland villages with the world

The journey to Greenland was not without challenges, requiring precise logistical planning and intensive consultation with local authorities and partners. "What we have achieved with our teams is a testament to Dutch innovation and entrepreneurship," says Walter. "It is an honor to play a role in connecting remote communities with the rest of the world. This project is something the Netherlands can be proud of."

Skybrokers, with over 25 years of experience, has built a global reputation for delivering solutions to telecom operators, satellite communication providers, and teleports. Walter's experience and determination have led to successful projects in various parts of the world, including Easter Island, Sri Lanka, French Guiana, Peru, and Chad in Africa. This mission in Greenland exemplifies how small entrepreneurs can have a significant impact, not only in the Netherlands but globally.

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