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Elma Express products deliver quick-turn solutions for embedded systems designs

Elma Electronic Inc. now offers a core set of popular chassis and storage modules that are available for quick shipment in low quantities. The company’s Express Products program focuses on delivering up to two units within two weeks of ordering, and four to six weeks for the remaining quantity needed.

Shan Morgan, president and vice president of sales of Elma Electronic Inc., noted, “Rapid system development is the name of the game, and we are seeing customers that need smaller quantities immediately to begin testing and development to be able to deploy larger scale rugged embedded systems fast. We’re offering quick shipment of a few units after the time of order, so we can provide reliable products with solid engineering design that enable customers to facilitate their system development efforts.”

A range of the company’s chassis products, for VPX, VME and CompactPCI architectures, as well storage modules are part of the existing program. These units can be ordered, shipped and delivered with a quick turnaround to meet tightened design schedules and enable system engineers to begin development immediately, versus waiting on a full order delivery. Each unit comes wired, assembled and tested. The storage modules are available with either rotating or solid-state drives.

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