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Embedded Ventures Co-Founders announce world-first cooperative R&S agreement with the US Space Force

Embedded Ventures, a new venture capital firm investing in dual-use space startups beyond launch, has announced an unprecedented multi-year partnership with United States Space Force (USSF)’s SpaceWERX office.

The partnership, established via a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) through the Air Force Research Lab’s Technology Transfer Office in New Mexico, enables the two entities to collaborate on research and development opportunities promoting US space industry growth to prepare for the future of an expanded space economy and for the defense of US interests. This partnership marks the first time in history that the USSF has signed a CRADA with a VC firm.

Bryant is not only a woman in deep tech and venture capital, but has a background unlike any other. Bryant moved to Los Angeles from Alabama to complete her BS degree in Apparel Design. Post-graduation, she took a job that was originally meant to be temporary, specializing in recruiting 'hard to fill' engineering roles for early-stage startups in L.A. This led to an unexpected permanent shift for her, who has now spent the last decade as a tech recruiter turned venture capitalist, Bryant has invested in and helped build some of the most notable early-stage startups in the country from the ground up.

As Co-Founder and CTO of Relativity Space, Noone focused on technical direction and engineering design, including developing printing technology, launch vehicle design, propulsion design, software development, infrastructure development, and government affairs. He also led many Relativity initiatives including expansion of Relativity’s Stargate Factory into the rest of aerospace manufacturing, Relativity’s strategy for expanding printing technology off-planet, and the ability of Relativity’s factory to flexibly scale to a wide range of rocket sizes.

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