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EnduroSat’s new satellite Space Centre enables satellite modules delivery within two weeks

EnduroSat announced that it can now ship its standard satellite modules to customers within two weeks of receiving an order, the fastest turnaround in EnduroSat’s history. This milestone follows the recent opening of EnduroSat’s new Space Centre in Bulgaria - and a significant investment in production and AIT capabilities which will enable the company to meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability.

This two-week delivery capability milestone was made possible by EnduroSat’s US$10 million Series A funding earlier this year.

EnduroSat’s new 3,200 m2 Space Facility with 700 m2 of Space Labs includes several state-of-the-art labs, as well as an ISO-7-certified Satellite Assembly Lab, an RF Testing Laboratory, a Hardware Testing Laboratory, and a Mechanical Integration Facility.

The company’s team can now assemble, test, integrate, and deliver 10+ satellites per month. This enhanced production capacity has allowed EnduroSat to meet the growing demands of the space industry, making it a trusted partner for complex space missions.

With offices in Bulgaria, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and the United States, EnduroSat has established a global presence, enabling its team to serve clients globally.

The company recently launched the DeskSat, its most advanced flatsat. It provides an unprecedented opportunity to scale fast mission testing and space operations. Unlike alternative products in the traditional industry, the DeskSat comes fully integrated with unique software tools for development and operations: SpaceDev and SpaceOps.

Book your demo at the Space Tech Expo on 14-16 November, Bremen here.

EnduroSat has over 2,500 avionics in orbit and more than 50 satellites successfully delivered to clients across the globe. The company successfully launched its latest satellites on the Transporter 9 mission. EnduroSat confirmed that they have acquired signals from all satellites and will be starting the operational phase.

EnduroSat proudly supports multiple cutting-edge missions: PADRE solar exploration mission of NASA and the University of California-Berkeley, TOLIMAN, an astronomy mission observing the Alpha Centauri system organized by Breakthrough Initiatives and the University of Sydney, FLAMINGO, Europe’s first commercial constellation for in-situ space situational awareness (SSA) developed by Vyoma.

EnduroSat actively invests in nurturing the next generation of space scientists through its unique Space Challenges Program. The extensive practice-oriented curriculum is led by top-tier industry experts and has been organized and funded by EnduroSat for many years.

EnduroSat's Founder and CEO, Raycho Raychev was recognised recently by Forbes DNA Awards as Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

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