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Es’hailSat launches playout services to empower broadcast excellence

Es'hailSat launches playout services

In a significant stride towards advancing the media landscape of Qatar and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, Es’hailSat – Qatar Satellite Company is thrilled to announce the launch of state-of-the-art Playout Services tailored for television broadcasters. This initiative comes as a collaborative effort between Es’hailSat and leading technology innovators & experts, aimed at bringing the very best of broadcast management and delivery to Qatar and the MENA region.

With a commitment to providing television broadcasters an unparalleled edge, Es’hailSat’s Playout Services offer a comprehensive solution encompassing scheduling, content preparation, graphics integration, and seamless transmission. Broadcasting professionals across Qatar and the MENA region can now optimize their operations, ensuring an uninterrupted and engaging viewer experience. Leveraging cutting-edge automation, real-time monitoring, and 24x7 multi-lingual professional support, broadcasters can focus on crafting exceptional content while entrusting the intricate aspects of scheduling and delivery to our robust and reliable platform. As a result, audiences can look forward to enriched programming, while broadcasters maximize their efficiency and impact.

Es’hailSat brings together the combination of playout & distribution in one package, together with enhanced flexibility that delivers peace of mind and forms the key value proposition for our playout services. Our state-of-the-art playout service is built on a scalable model that allows for the inclusion of features catering to multi-channel broadcasters while at the same time it is able to adapt and support the needs of single channel broadcasters. This also does away with extensive upfront capital investment and offers long-term flexibility in both operational and commercial models. The system can be easily configured to accommodate changes in requirements related to programming or transmission such as live editing. Coupled with our long-standing and reliable satellite broadcast network covering the entire Middle East and North Africa region, Es’hailSat’s playout services broadcasters can not only create their TV channel but also reach millions of viewers in one step.

Since our inception in 2010, Es’hailSat has collaborated with global and regional broadcast & telecommunication partners to bring the best of what is available globally to Qatar’s ICT infrastructure. With a fleet of two satellites, Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2 co-located at 25.5/26 degrees East we are able to offer resilient and reliable satellite services across the Middle East and North Africa region. In addition, our 50,000 sqm Teleport facility outside of Doha enables the provision of services such as hosting, managed VSAT and broadcast distribution.

“The launch of Es’hailSat’s Playout Services signifies a pivotal moment in the media landscape in Qatar, reflecting our dedication to embracing innovation and enhancing the quality of content delivered to households across Qatar and the MENA region.” Said Mr. Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, President and CEO, Es’hailSat. “This culmination of effort and collaboration between Es’hailSat and playout technology providers marks a significant leap forward in transforming the broadcast industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence, efficiency, and content delivery.”


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