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ETL Systems partners with Speedcast on satellite communications and IT in oil, gas and maritime

ETL Systems, a global designer and manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) signal distribution equipment for satellite communications, has completed a project in partnership with Speedcast, a leading satellite communications and IT services provider in the oil & gas and maritime markets.

ETL Systems works with maritime organisations to both fit out new-build ships and retrofit existing fleets which use multi-band antennas with state-of-the-art RF equipment.

With the majority of vessels operating between 2 and 4 C-band and Ku-band antennas, with a small handful also equipped for Ka-band, ETL’s Victor RF switch matrix is the ideal solution for ships fitted with multi-band antennas.

Susan Saadat, Sr. VP Americas at ETL Systems commented: “We are really pleased to have been working with Speedcast. As more ships’ operations transition from dual data centres to a more contemporary set-up with both antenna and frequency band diversity, it’s important to scale-up RF handling beyond the antenna manufacturers' provided solutions.”

“ETL’s technology enables you to avoid on-board reconfiguration to switch between frequencies, which is ideal for maritime customers because they can reconfigure the system remotely – even when the configuration requirements are complex.

“On-board equipment failures are also mitigated, with every Victor RF matrix having integral fault resilience as part of standard specifications. Not only will this reduce operational cost, it also minimises the manpower strain and maximises both the customer and end-user capacity.”


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