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Euroconsult nominates Natalia Larrea as new Director of Euroconsult US

Euroconsult Group, a leading global consulting firm in the space sector, is pleased to announce the appointment of Natalia Larrea as Director of Euroconsult US Ms Larrea will lead the development of the company’s office in Washington D.C. and further expand business relations with US space stakeholders.

Natalia Larrea, Director of Euroconsult US

Prior to this, Ms Larrea served as Principal Advisor at Euroconsult Canada, leading strategic market and policy assignments for North American private and governmental organizations in the space sector.

“We are delighted to welcome Natalia as the new Director of our US office,” said Steve Bochinger, Chief Operating Officer of Euroconsult. “Natalia brings considerable experience within Euroconsult, assessing emerging trends in the space sector and supporting key space market players to adapt to their changing market environments. Through her expertise, passion, and leadership, Natalia is the right person to implement the next steps of Euroconsult’s development in the US.”

“I am truly thankful for the opportunity to expand Euroconsult’s US presence during such an exciting period for the space sector,” comments Natalia Larrea. “I look forward to further growing our US team and to supporting US space stakeholders in their decision-making process through the range of services that have made the global reputation of Euroconsult for nearly 40 years”.

Ms Larrea is the recipient of numerous awards, including the “Promise Award” and “20 under 35” of the Satellite Society Professionals International (SSPI), and the “35 under 35 Space Industry Award” of the International Institute of Space Commerce (IISC). She holds a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from McGill University (Canada), a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio (Spain) and a Diploma in Astronomy and Planetary Science from the Open University UK. She is also a a global faculty member at the International Space University (ISU).


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